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3rd National Symposium on Child & Youth Mental Health

3rd National Symposium on Child & Youth Mental Health

More than 1.25 million children and youth in Canada have a significant mental health problem or illness, but many are unable to access the services they need. There is increasing emphasis across our country on innovations to support access to evidence-informed services, including optimal use of the school setting to promote mental health amongst Canadian children and youth.

The 3rd National Symposium on Child and Youth Mental Health will highlight some of the latest research, policy, and practice initiatives designed to address this complex problem in Canada. The symposium has been developed in partnership with the National Infant Child and Youth Mental Health Consortium, and the School-Based Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consortium. It aims to bring together service providers, policy makers, mental health professionals, educators, clinicians, and researchers, with youth and family caregivers, to share experiences and ideas on how best to shift knowledge into practice.

International commentators will provide insights into our Canadian efforts, drawing on experiences from Australia, Germany, and the United States.

The 3rd National Symposium on Child and Youth Mental Health will be held May 30 - June 1, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta.

Highlights of the symposium will include:

  • Release of the findings from the national SBMHSA Consortium Scan, Survey and Review;
  • Discuss the role that schools play in supporting child and youth mental health;
  • Provide practitioners and policy makers with Canadian and International best practices and evidence-based programs and models;
  • Discuss the implementation of these practices in real-world settings;
  • Collaboration across sectors and disciplines, and the importance of parent and youth voice;
  • Foster a commitment among participants to a National Call to Action on Child and Youth Mental Health, with local/regional identification of next steps.


In order to extend the reach of the symposium by providing a cost-effective alternative, and to facilitate broad sharing of the SBMHSA findings, a concurrent “virtual” event will also take place on Day 1 of the symposium, May 31st. Throughout the event, presentations will be broadcast over the internet for individuals as well as groups of participants across Canada.


This event is committed to ensuring the meaningful participation of youth and their caregivers. As the intended services recipients, it is imperative that they be included and their expertise and experience be valued.

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